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A dramatic increase of research in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The Applications based on AI are becoming more and more integrated in our daily lives.

The Science fiction stories about AI are slowly becoming true as more and more companies are researching towards it. So, in order to meet the current and future dmands of the industry, mainly in the area of AI and ML, The "Centre of Excellence in AI & ML" provides students training and project based learning which can help them in career.. be it professional or research.


Machine learning covers significant ground in various verticals. As an increasing amount of businesses are realising that business intelligence is profoundly impacted by machine learning, and thus are choosing to invest in it. ML tools enable organizations to identify profitable opportunities. Machine Learning is the differentiator in success of major projects today.


The CoE aims to help the specially abled with the help of cutting edge technologies and algorithms. Further future endeavours include Automated attendance system, Virtual Reality simulation, Predicting traffic beforehand and many more exciting projects.


The Centre aims to equip Faculty and Researchers in the field with the necessary knowledge required so that they can be on top of their game in this fast paced world of technology. Trainings are being offered for Applications of Computer Vision, NLP, ML for Cybersecurity, Safety of Autonomous vehicles, Blockchain attacks and lot many more.

Events Organised in CoE AIML

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Opportunities in CoE-AIML

Faculty Development Programmes to inculcate the Machine Learning perspective among Teachers and Research Scholars alike.

Hackathons to connect and challenege learners, building a community of future Machine Learning aspirants.

Internships provide mentorship and resume building opportunities with a chance to work on trending technologies.

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Dr. P.V. Sudha

Director, CoE, AIML, OU.


Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,
Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana State - 500 007



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